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In Disguise (2022)

$4000.00 USD

39.5 x 51.75"in (131.445 x 100.33cm)

This is a hand painted (in this piece it is tinted/toned) photograph taken by me and printed on Archival Fine Art paper 250 gsm.  After I have printed the photograph, I then hand paint (and in this case applied a tint tone with the paint) the image with lightfast, transparent, brilliant and permanent artist pigment water colors and once it is dry I varnish the print.

The image is then mounted to a wood panel ( a popular painting support since the 14th century) that I have built and painted black with acrylic paint. Both the front and the back of this piece are then finished and coated with multiple layers of epoxy resin.  The Epoxy Resin contains both a UV stabilizer as well as an advanced additive called HALS (hindered amine light stabilizer).


* Hand-painted Photograph

* Varnished

* Artist made wood panel

* Coated in multiple layers of UV stabilized Epoxy Resin.

* Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, signed by the artist and hand written note from the artist

* 1 of 3

* Each piece is made by hand so it will vary in slight ways.  


Shipping will be significant as the pieces are fairly large and weigh in the ranges of 15lbs-30lbs for most pieces.  The pieces must have crates built before shipping. 

Shipping in the United States (Domestic)(this is not an exact estimate, the cost will vary from piece to piece

Shipping from Nyc and to Los Angeles is around:

$1200 USD

981.11 British Pound

1106.22 Euro

Shipping to Europe is roughly: (this is not an exact estimate, the cost will vary from piece to piece)

$3140 USD

2567.25 British Pound

2894.61 Euro

* Any countries not listed here, please contact me and I can get you a quote for your specific country! 

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