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Shae Detar creates otherworldly photographic mixed media images, using a unique hand-painting process in which she paints on top of her photographs. After photographing, printing the images out, painting them and then varnishing, Shae builds wood panels, mounts the prints to the wood frames and then coats the front and back with epoxy resin.  Shae’s surrealistic images merges photography and painting by exaggerating the colors of both the landscapes and her subjects and taking them out of reality and placing them into Another World.

Shae won best editorial by PDN in the spring of 2016 and her work has been featured in Italian Vogue, Vogue Netherlands, Marie Claire Italia, Interview Magazine, I.D, Vice, Dazed, Grazia, The New Yorker, Elle Uk, Marie Claire, The Huffington Post, Ny Magazine, Forbes, Nylon, Style.com, TeenVogue, Blouin Art Info, Fast Company and Refinery29 and she has shot a cover for New York Magazine and Blink magazine.   Shae exhibits her work internationally and her work was included in 'The Female Gaze' exhibit with Vogue Italia in Milan and she spoke on a panel with the Vogue Italia editor Chiara Bardelli Nonino.  Shae took part in an art exhibition in London that NARS and Refinry 29 teamed up to present. Her first art book is set to be released through Skeleton Key press on March 6th.

Shae’s work has been in several International Photo Art Books including:

 Girls! Girls! Girls! Edited by Ghislain Pascal and Published by teNeues released in 2020
Girl on Girl: Art and Photography in the Age of the Female Gaze, Author: Charlotte Jansen, Published by Laurence King
UNLOCKED, Published by ATOPOS cvc, Athens 
The Fashion Image, By Thomas Werner, Published by Bloomsbury Publishing
#girlgaze: How Girls See the World, Published by Rizzoli
Unexpected Nature Book, By Peter Strateas & Mario-Luca Calucci. Coming out in November 2020


Best Magazine Editorial by PDN, 2016
Hellerau Photography Award, Dresden, Germany 2016
The Exposure Awards, By SeeMe, 2015
Bottega Veneta and Vogue New Exposure Award Finalist 2015


Email Address shaeacopiandetar@gmail.com

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